SNAP! — Sex workers Narratives Arts & Politics — is a festival entirely dedicated to the discourses, representations and issues related to sex work

In 2023 we are teaming up with the Brussels Porn Film Festival to make for one big weekend of RESISTANCES!

4 – 7 May 2023



Thursday May 4

From 20h30

  • Cinéma Nova

Friday May 5

From 16h00

  • Beursschouwburg
  • Cinéma Aventure

Saturday May 6

From 14h00

  • Beursschouwburg
  • Cinéma Aventure
  • Barrio

Sunday May 7

From 14h00

  • Cinéma Aventure

The SNAP! Festival is dedicated to the discourse and representations created by sex workers operating in various sectors, from multiple gender and sexual perspectives.

The BxlPFF is a festival dedicated to alternative pornographies, meaning any sexually explicit representation that seeks to unfold the diversity of fantasies, bodies, and practices, in a dynamic of cinematographic and political exploration.

Individuals who are marginalized due to their erotic identities, gender, race, class, or bodily characteristics find in the production of sexually explicit content a powerful space for expression and reappropriation. Sex workers, who are longstanding pillars of the pornographic industry and social outcasts, occupy a crucial place in debates on these complex issues. Therefore, a collaboration between the BxlPFF and the SNAP! Festival seemed obvious!