SNAP — Sex workers Narratives Arts & Politics — is a festival entirely dedicated to the discourses, representations and issues related to sex work.

SNAP programming includes:

  • films
  • round-table discussions & conferences
  • shows, performances, concerts and DJ sets
  • exhibitions
  • non-profits stands

What is sex work?

It is activities related to the creation of sexually explicit images (sexcam, porn), sexual services (escorting, prostitution, BDSM), but also more broadly any type of economical-sexual continuum involving the body and affects in exchange of money or material support.

Who are the sex workers?

They are transgender and cisgender women and men, students, casual workers, migrants, LGBTQI+ people, mothers, people who live with disabilities, people in your family or in your circle of friends, though you may not know it. Sex work is at the intersection of major theoretical and political issues, as well as at the core of reflections on what can be represented, on the ways in which we use our bodies, on relationships to work, to sexuality, to class, to gender.


Beyond the sensationalism usually associated with this type of subject, SNAP is dedicated to exploring sex work and the experiences of those who work in it in accordance with the following ethical principle:

Nothing About Us Without Us

Concretely, this means a program centered around artworks and speeches made by people directly involved in sex work, or by allies respecting a principle of active collaboration with them.

SNAP is a festival open to all.