SNAP!’s primary goal is to give voice to sex workers working in the various sex trades and to shed light from the inside on the experiences of these activities that are too often misunderstood and stigmatized.

SNAP’s programming is dedicated to highlighting works created by or with the active collaboration of those involved, in order to give voice to the diversity of the experiences of sex workers. From the most complex to the most agentive, the stories and representations of sex work are presented, talked about, shown and analyzed in a festive and benevolent context.



Minorities – of gender and sexuality, racialized, precarious – are structurally made invisible in the dominant media, or misrepresented. Among them, sex workers are particularly victims of stigmatizing stereotypes. Yet, representations have a predominant place in the construction of social imaginary.

For that reason, creating and promoting narratives that respect minority populations is crucial in the fight against discrimination.

Moreover, as sex workers are mainly cisgender women, transgender men and women, people in migration process, LGBTQI+, fighting against prejudices and violence against sex workers is fighting against sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism and xenophobia.

SNAP is a festival open to all.