from 14h - Blackbox
Continuous screening

A selection of international films made by sex workers or collectives, in which the latter disclose their relationship to their activity, their political utopias and their militant actions.



Exhibition and screenings are visible until June 17, 2022 during the opening hours of the Beursschouwburg.


Indélébile/Graffiti Politique

directed by Deep and Cheap Media & Equipe Ephemere, 2021, France - 7min - Fr/ST Eng

Equipe Ephemere and Deep&Cheap le média present you this documentary : Parisian region at night, a group of people organize themselves. Anonymous and intersectional, they gather around a practice: political graffiti. Unconditional support for sex workers.

La Quête d’émancipation des du sexe au Canada

directed by Contessa Emalia, 2021, Canada - 10min - Fr / ST Eng

They say Canada has a great instagram profile, but what is the reality of sex workers and the C-36 law? This work, which has never been exhibited before, was created with love and independence, just like we like to work!


CONTESSA EMALIA:: I am a Dominatrix who writes stories about whores and makes movies out of them. I knew i wanted to become a sex worker when i was a child. I saw those women on the street in Italy and found them magnificent. 


Sex(ual) Healing

directed by Maximus Skaff, 2021- USA - 22,05min - Eng / ST Fr

Through the first episode of this reality-focused and nuanced docuseries, we will help millions of individuals better understand the complexity and diversity of sex work, recognize the harmful impact of existing laws, and change the way we talk about criminality, sex, and consent. We aim to educate, raise awareness, and build an audience we can mobilize to defend the rights of sex workers across the United States.

Is Friendship Legal?

directed by Salty Brine, Zoe Kat, Juba Kalamka, 2021. USA. 17min. Eng / ST Fr

Is Friendship Legal is about the SESTA-FOSTA laws passed in 2018 and how it

affects the sex work community. Three friends who happen to be sex workers go to

Las Vegas and illuminate the nuances of how this law affects everyday sex workers.

Is Friendship Legal was created, filmed, and edited entirely by sex workers on an



SALTY BRINE is a queer, femme sex worker that loves the arts and crafts and is enjoying learning filmmaking as a new creative outlet.


ZOE KAT is a long-term resident of San Francisco and has been a queer, dyslexic sex worker for 22 years. She is also a writer and has had short erotic stories and poetry published online and in anthologies. Zoe has enjoyed making many clips for paid sites and is thrilled to be in a longer-than-masturbatory-length film.


JUBA KALAMKA is a queer musician, poet, and artist/activist who began appearing in indy porn features in 2003. He feels privileged to move his body in service of the people.


What if tomorrow i’m next?

directed by Cosmopolitrans & Maria Belen Correa, 2021. Allemagne - 5min - Eng

Campaign to raise awareness about hate crimes made against migrant trans sex workers.


COSMOPOLITRANS is a collective made of migrant trans sex workers, living and/or transiting in the German territory (Country of Germany). We work with members of the migrant trans community, accompany and support trans sex workers in their work places, providing material for protection, for sex work, as well as anti-covid material.  We strive on the creation of audiovisual concepts, always from the POV of the members of our group, as well as providing employment sources for our communities. 


Ces Histoires que je ne devrais pas raconter

directed by Oélia Gouret, 2019 - France - 11min - Fr/ST Eng

An autobiographical memory exercise mixing concrete and nebulous memories of personal experiences on sexwork then read by other people and by me. Staging myself in front of the camera, I try to play on the gap between collective imagination, reality and feminity. To materialize and keep a trace of this experience which is part of my life.


OÉLIA GOURET, born in 1996 in Nantes, France, lives and works between Geneva and Paris. Graduated from a Bachelor of Visual Arts with a focus on information/fiction at HEAD in 2020, currently studying at the Work. Master at HEAD. She co-creates videos, texts, performances, an edition of fanzines, participates in workshops and collectives that create (mostly) moments of celebration.