Sunday 29 May

@ CINEMA NOVA - Street ARENBERG 3 - 1000 Brussels

17h / Screening - 6€/4€

Sex Work Shorts

Six short films painting committed portraits of sex workers, exposing in turn their feminist and queer analysis of their activity, the production of pornographic images or the underside of their relationships with clients. 

AU / 2020 / 15 Min / Eng – Fr subtitles

Melinah Viking is a sex worker, camgirl and activist with cerebral palsy, this short intimate documentary explores her work, philosophy, and the intersections of her identity.


FR / 2020 / 28 Min / Eng –  Fr subtitles


Found-footage about a group of young sex-worker friends and their questioning. Some are affirmed in their job, while others question the value of their own body, the addiction, and their loops of self destruction.

Raw, chaotic, almost documentary, Vaginette club wants to be as sincere as possible on the reality of the director and his entourage.


UK / 2021 / 5 Min / Eng –  Fr subtitles


Thousands of people every day fuck and fuck themselves broadcast live via webcam. I spent 4 years from 2012-2016 live online, executing a carefully choreographed performance of authenticity – shapeshifting, adapting, morphing. My sex and self monetised for consumption, working for tips.  We exist in a system that commodifies our personhood, our images, our data and our lives online, to harness that isn’t freedom from it but it can be control.


CA / 2019 / 16 Min / Eng –  Fr subtitles


Rated X, a short documentary about the adult porn industry, focuses on giving a voice to the actresses working within it. With a view to show how these women empower themselves through their jobs, Rated X presents the porn industry as never seen before.


UK / 2021 / 7 Min / Eng –  Fr subtitles


In ten years working as a webcam Dominatrix, I’ve made over 130 ‘pay per view’ porn clips. Me, talking about the fetishes of ‘homo conversion’ or ‘Sissyfication’. The irony being I’m genderqueer Dyke who’s often read as straight in the mainstream world. Online my clients address me as ‘Sir’.

FR / 2022 / 16 Min / FR –  EN subtitles

First of a series of several “docuculs” (documentary + porn) about sex work. On the screen, sexy scenes for the eyes and a critical script for your ears. Two sex workers who have known each other for 10 years are sharing a pizza and wild memories.

La Grande Horizontale is an activist group engaging with pluridisciplinary medias, porn and documentary.

19h / Conference-Screening - Free

Representations of sex workers in cinema

by Sam Cockeye - French

How to analyze the representations of sex workers in films? Through genres, gazes or political contexts, the image of the prostitute perpetually returns in works of fiction and more and more in documentaries. This character, put in opposition to the wife, sometimes symbolizes a liberated, even dangerous sexuality, sometimes a vulnerable and dependent person. The cinema has transmitted to the public many representations, often dishonest, which mark the imagination and end up influencing politics.


Sarah Foriel – Sam Cockeye on the Internet, who is developing a stop motion show dealing with cinema and social sciences on a channel called Vidéodrome, dissects the way in which these cinematographic constructions are made.

To know more about VIDEODROME :

21h / Screening - 6€/4€

The Celluloid Bordello

by Juliana Piccillo - USA - 1H25- English, French subtitles

Since the dawn of cinema, sex workers have been muses for the filmmakers. However they are systematically caricatured, pigeonholed as brutalized, killed, sometimes rescued characters – and almost always portrayed as if no real-life sex worker would ever watch the movie.

Celluloid Bordello balances historical insight, critiques and tributes to give the floor to non-fictional dominators, escorts, porn stars… who comment on their relationship to the movies, and on how the perpetuation of stereotypes in the media affects their lives.