Thursday May 4




Opening night – Fucking utopias


This year, BxlPFF and SNAP are teaming up for an edition that celebrates resistance! From sex work to trans parenthood, menstruation, and non-normative penetration, this opening night offers a series of short films that challenge patriarchal norms with pride, strength, and poetry.

Fueled by a rage that she transforms into orgiastic energy, Hannah Schaich invites us to cum from a collective feminist body.

Abcde Flash joyfully explores the relationship to her menstrual cycle, which is still too often linked to its reproductive and sacred dimension, or, ironically, to shame and taboo.

The duo Amelle & Mantra Watsa demonstrates how sex work can become a form of reparation, and in the face of increasingly marked transphobic movements, AORTA provides comfort through the pregnancy experience of a trans/non-binary couple.

Two futuristic queer works invite us to a possible (sur)real: Lasse Långström takes us on a sexual opera on Venus, while George Pedrosa’s science fiction plunges us into an exciting dream of mutant bodies inventing other types of pleasure.

Finally, two documentaries gently highlight the sexuality of elderly people, which is often considered perverse and taboo. While Nicky Lapierre and Noux Beetch tenderly follow a dissident octogenarian couple, Jan Soldat observes two sexagenarians living an anonymous encounter with complicity.

No matter what challenges time may hold for us, to cum and to make others cum is our ode to life, our challenge to all norms!