Friday 5 May - Live events



Beurs (White Foyer)

Exhibition “HOT and BADASS”

You are entering the premises of the publishing house HOT & BADASS. Inside, you will find the management office. The air is thick with a cloud of smell of tobacco and Malibu. The lighting is dim, glass tables and thick carpets add to the warmth yet decadent feeling of the room. Everyone is rushing in preparation for the upcoming shoot that will happen soon at the large production studio. The models are there, extravagantly dressed and oh! They are very sexy, of course…

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Want to leave the festival with a kinky souvenir? Come visit our X-MARKET!
We showcase local creators who offer a variety of hot products, including textile screen prints, prints and fanzines, harnesses, jewelry, and sextoys. And because information is also sexy, there will also be association stands and a selection of books on the theme of sexuality. Finally, it’s also an opportunity to get a tattoo!

Be sure to bring cash!

(Visual: créations de Theyriel. Photo: Anne-Sophie Guillet)

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Beurs (Café)

“Silence, it’s Rolling”: Issues and Perspectives around the Conditions of Pornographic Film Shooting

Round table discussion

Featuring Vex Ashley (Four Chambers), Mariska & Pierre, Anoushka, Eva Vocz, Florian Vöros and Béatrice Damian-Gaillard.
Moderation: Carmina
While pornography conveys the monolithic image of an obscene and apolitical medium that is a hotbed for the eroticization of all kinds of discrimination, it is rarely perceived as a professional field. However, some professionals have been questioning for many years the issue of subordination and consent on sets, developing innovative work practices, implementing health regulations, and designing ethical charters.
To shed light on the current reflections in this filmic field, female pornographers discuss their practical experiences and perspectives on the subject: Anoushka, a French director of films produced by the Canal+ group, the porn performers and producers Vex Tep, from the conceptual pornography collective Four Chambers, Mariska from the Belgian production company Arcanii, Eva Vocz, advocacy officer for Act Up-Paris and co-founder of the company Puppy Please.
In addition, researchers Florian Vorös and Béatrice Damian-Gaillard will analyze how political and media debates instrumentalize certain recent events that occurred in the French porn industry, for purposes of censorship and legislation aimed at restricting this sector of representations.

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Beurs (Gouden Zaal)



By Matthieu Hocquemiller – 45 minutes – French w/ English subtitles

Pierre is young and attractive. He works as a porn performer and uses his sexuality as a commercial tool. In contrast, Patrice is an older man who is now retired but who previously commercialized his knowledge as an ethicist, trainer, and philosopher.
Pierre sought out Patrice’s counsel due to his struggles with existential questions and a desire for guidance on how to navigate his relationship with the world during these difficult times. Meanwhile, Patrice yearns for intimate and affectionate moments with a young and handsome man. The two men liken their relationship to that of the philosopher Socrates and his youthful disciple and lover Alcibiades, believing that ethics is a collaborative endeavor between a younger and older man.
  • Production: Cie acps
  • Co-production: Klap/Maison pour la Danse de Marseille, Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier
  • Choregraphy and design: Matthieu Hocquemiller
  • Featuring: Patrice Desmons and Pierre Emö
  • Text: Matthieu Hocquemiller, Patrice Desmons and Pierre Emö
  • Video directing and shooting: Magali Laroche
  • Music: Benjamin Collier
  • Lights: Abigail Fowler

  • Administration: Scopie

  • With support from DRAC Occitanie – Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, Région Occitanie, Ville de Montpellier.



Beurs (Café)



Drag Kings, Queens, Freaks, Pussy Power: genders and bodies are performances that are played out and replayed with kitsch, joy, and inventiveness. Tischa The Tigress, Dicklan, Rose Gigot & Co: they put the power on & switch the codes.

Featuring :

  • Mama Tituba
  • Dicklan
  • Tischa The Tigress
  • Rose Gigot
  • Les Salopes Autogerex