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Beurs (Café)

Mama Tituba

Mama Tituba, drag queer sorcerer, this revenant of the underworld will amuse themself with your privileges. Cynical, black and fat, this extraordinary athlete will box you in the ring of imperialism. His sharp tongue is political, his macabre dance is decolonized and his body is empowered. Prepare to tremble with laughter (or fear) at his black humor. But I promise, if you beg for mercy, they might just undo their spells.


He can lift ten times his weight without sweating, Dicklan is a heartbreaker expert in ghosting. But what he loves above all is to mock masculinity and make us laugh at patriarchy!

Tischa The Tigress

The Power of Pussy Culture: This interactive Dominatrix performance showcases the raw strength, power, and sex appeal that women possess. Because far from being the weaker sex, women are extremely powerful!

Rose Gigot

Rose Gigot breaks down prejudices with extraordinary love and deliberate tenderness. She could never choose between a fairy world full of furby and magical ponies or a Chainsaw Massacre. But why choose when you can be Rose Gigot? Welcome to her deliciously macabre universe.

Les Salopes Autogerex

QFC: nothing is organic, everything is fucked.
Do you want something to sink your teeth into? Don’t panic, your new favorite fist food is here! To satisfy your cravings or fill your big hungry stomachs, give QFC a call, it’s the autogerex sluts who deliver.

Elected members of the French Cudémie in 2021 following the publication of their major work “Toutécu,” Les Salopes Autogerex travel the world to disseminate their knowledge and poetry, but also to carry out their mission to preserve the world’s cultural heritage. The three Autogerex sluts master the art of chic and politeness and will delicately tickle your anus with their timeless poetry.