duration: 4h

Performance holds an essential place in the history of minority representations:

Reappropriation, poetic or political expression, narrative, sexual or modest bodies. More than a dozen sex workers share their visions of empowerment, between experiential stories, festive trance and collective celebration of the self-proclaimed and assumed affirmation: WHORES ARE BEAUTIFUL.


Léone is a savage porno-tropical queer sex worker who migrated from Puerto Rico to Spain and then France. In his work he shares narratives of a body in constant movement (externally and internally) in order to reclaim space, to be heard, visible and unashamed.


In his Cannibal-Cabaret à Butoh-esque performance, he organizes rage, defends joy and intertwines themes of decolonization, borders, rituals, sex, money, work, love, activism, art.


Nelo gleans stories about venom stones, earth dykes and butches, fossilized queer entities, interacting in semi-fictive spaces. Théophylle always works with music to tell, to translate, to dance, to sur-vive. Together, they will roam you into their wetlands: with the fluidities crossing through, the welcoming mists and the dripping stories which sometimes evaporate into sweat.


When she appeared on Romanian television for a transvestite and transgender cabaret show, Samantha was chased away by her family and suffered strong homophobic rejection. She takes refuge in Belgium, where she works as a street sex worker in the Yzer district to survive. She tells us in words and songs about her journey.


Extravagant costumes, explosion of colors, limbs extended by strobe lights and body shifts. Wild Ginger and Nourr send their waves through space to bewitch the public via a tantric, BDSM and romantic lap dance. They speak to us about utopia, transformation, dystopia and resurrection of the party. Their parade is a call: Let’s deconstruct. Let’s commune. Let’s rebuild.


Techno trance, pole dance, slow motion, carpet, neon lights, chains, floral composition… OF MANIFESTO offers a kind of hidden camera at the crossroads between the intimate and the political, art and activism, the poetic and the trash. In a scenography combining softness and leather, analogical and futuristic, Nour & Nicky propose a journey in the dissident margins, an erotic laboratory without taboos and the exploration of radical emotions.


King Baxter is a performer who works and performs in partnership with Maxime Pichon. The two of them co-composed King Baxter’s second album, REVENGE, which was released on the Brussels-based collective label Olive Noire. 

King Baxter is DragQueer and Psychick Monster, Master.sse for Chien.nes in front of the universe, sings and declaims on an electronic music with sounds going from Electronica to Dark Techno.


Productrix, performer and protean DJ, GÆRALD is the mother of ceremony of the Hot Bodies of the Future parties and the Hot Bodies choirs.


Their first EP “Tarek x I – V”, produced with the musician Apollo Noir (Yanis, Jeanne Added, Bagarre, Buvette, etc), tells the story of their emotional, sexual and sensorial experiences in the nocturnal landscapes of alternative scenes. Five personal and moving vignettes between dark techno, DIY pop and electronic post-punk to defend the queer utopias of inclusiveness and communion.


Live, GÆRALD is accompanied by samplers, drum machines and synthesizers and projects a 4×3 photographic diary. Self-acceptance and emancipation from societal shackles are at the center of this hybrid club project. Unique in its kind.



The strength of sex workers’ struggles lies in the values of solidarity and the collective power they draw from them. Minority and progressive activism is often accompanied by song. On the occasion of this historic evening celebrating the decriminalization of sex work in Belgium, a chorus of sex workers came together to joyfully reaffirm: Las putas unidas, jamas seran vencidas!


A collaboration between 2 Friends , Dj Manuszko and Thom Leblanc.

If you ask what our style is:“C’EST LA FOLIE!” 

The base is a 90’s sound, elektro, house, techno, electronic, trance, retro, but all in a typical “les Supers Viseurs” vibe.


FKS is a Colombian visual artist, dj and webcammer who throws fetish parties in Bogota. Romea Diabla is a French-Colombian DJ and dominatrix. Both are part of the party collective and label Disco Infierno. This duo’s proposal for the SNAP Festival is B2B spiced up and features a selection of sultry and hardcore Latin American club music.