Saturday May 6 - Live events



Beurs (White Foyer)

Exhibition “HOT and BADASS”

You are entering the premises of the publishing house HOT & BADASS. Inside, you will find the management office. The air is thick with a cloud of smell of tobacco and Malibu. The lighting is dim, glass tables and thick carpets add to the warmth yet decadent feeling of the room. Everyone is rushing in preparation for the upcoming shoot that will happen soon at the large production studio. The models are there, extravagantly dressed and oh! They are very sexy, of course…

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Want to leave the festival with a kinky souvenir? Come visit our X-MARKET!
We showcase local creators who offer a variety of hot products, including textile screen prints, prints and fanzines, harnesses, jewelry, and sextoys. And because information is also sexy, there will also be association stands and a selection of books on the theme of sexuality. Finally, it’s also an opportunity to get a tattoo!

Be sure to bring cash!

(Visual: créations de Theyriel. Photo: Anne-Sophie Guillet)

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Beurs (Café)

Migration path and exploitation: filming by or in collaboration with the sex workers involved

Round table discussion

Featuring UTSOPI, Andreïta, Neïmara Felix Cannella, Tanya Fileva

While the stigma surrounding sex work keeps the vast majority of those who engage in it in clandestine lifestyles, the intersection with other factors of vulnerability can lead to dramatic situations. Migrant sex workers without administrative recognition are among the most exposed groups to exploitative conditions. Therefore, bringing to public attention the complexities of migration journeys without objectifying those who experience them cannot be done without the active participation of those concerned.

This roundtable will discuss 2 film projects developed on this issue. UTSOPI will present its videos to raise awareness about the various aspects of exploitation, especially for people on the move. These videos are co-written with sex workers affected by these situations. Tanya Fileva will present her first film, Tamara’s Salvation, inspired by her experience in a Bulgarian human trafficking network. She will explain how she was able to set up this project, and the political issues that drive it.

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Beurs (Café)

Open mic : Slut, Pervs, Whore


Lubricated by Law and Joëlle Sambi.

The principle of this open stage is simple: do you want to share a story about sex? Take the stage, this space is dedicated to you!
The principle of this open stage is simple: you want to share a story about sex? Take the stage, this space is dedicated to you!
Whether you write in a porn or poetic style, whether you slam, sing, whisper or rap; whether you’re a porn lover, fetishist, slut, sub, or whore: we’re interested in your words!
Is it your first time? No worries, we welcome you with joy. You don’t have to be an expert to start.
You can come with a text that you have written or that you want to share with us.
Length per proposition: 3’30 min approximatively. Registration is recommended at: (Few spots available on the day).

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Beurs (Gouden Zaal)

Performances Putes


PERFS PUTES nights are characteristic events of SNAP. They aim to provide a space for sex workers to experiment with direct public expression, whether they are beginners or experienced performers. Most of the performances presented at this event will be shown for the first time, with their fragility and sincerity, and their potential to transform imaginaries.
Because the prevailing narratives about sex work are still largely confined to invisibility or stereotype, melodrama or excitement, about fifteen sex workers take the stage tonight to expose their stories and bodies in action. The open doors are complex, funny, poetic, and moving. Of course. We will not stop saying it: sex workers are precious, their life choices are bold and courageous. Whores are beautiful.
  • 2 Make You Afraid by Butchibou
  • Muscles in Motion by Tischa The Tigress
  • Held Like a Pigeon by Kami Million
  • It’s never going to fit by Romy Alizée
  • A Paid Love Story by @noixdekadjou
  • The Lament of the Aggressor by L’Albatrice
  • Deep (T)issues by Lise Facette & Béton Mouillé
  • Le Bal des Putes by Malena, Tehamour et Lucy Kata




Porn Night


10€  – Ticket sales at the venues front desk: Cinemas Nova and Aventure and Beursschouwburg, during the festival.


For this PORNY NIGHT, we leave the screens to go IRL and invite you to a party where joy and sexuality blend in all spaces: in the porn room on the dance floor, you chose!

All night long, DJs and the sexy atmosphere will invite you to allow yourself the unthinkable: let’s be naked, let’s be sexy, let’s be horny, and let’s collectively celebrate the power of being bodies!

Line up: Sophew, EDNA, creep.exe, M I M I