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Beurs (Gouden Zaal)

2 Make You Afraid


2 make you afraid is a performance of the body – where the process of society’s determination on the latter is fucked up. breaking the taboo on desire, sex work, self-sensuality, hypersexualization, sexual violence and queerness in all of it. butchibou dances & bends over your heart. cancer moon, ascendant in HOE & & butch(i) sun. 

Muscles in Motion

Tischa The Tigress

Muscles in Motion is a burlesque style creative dance performance that exhibits the true beauty and strength of the female physique in its most muscular form. The intended message of the performance via song and creative dance is to celebrate and embrace ones authentic self, as well as making the statement that women do not have to choose between being strong and beautiful. They can indeed be both and proud of it! The artist states that “Muscles in Motion is her way of showing her femininity through her muscularity.”
Tischa Thomas, AKA The Tigress, is originally a U.S. expat from New York City currently living in Berlin Germany since 2019. Formally competing as a world class professional athlete, ranking 3rd in the sport of women bodybuilding, Tischa decided to retire as an athlete and pursue her interest as an artist in the art of bodybuilding. Now, as a creative dance performing artist, Tischa, a 53 year old mother of 3 adult children and 9 grandchildren, has switched one stage for another and uses her body as an artistic medium to express her message. Her bold performances have continued to challenge, tear down, and destroy all social norms of beauty standards and negative stereotypes of how women should be expected to look, act, and carry themselves in today’s society.
Tischa’s performances, Muscles In Motion and P.O.P Culture, have inspired both women and men to dare to embrace their true authentic selves, and to be unapologetically proud of them!

Held Like a Pigeon

Kami Million

Held Like A Pigeon speaks on the complexity of identifying as a sex worker. There is a tension between the search for anonymity and wanting to be recognized. As a sex worker there can be a vital need of staying anonymous. A daily act of hiding, to protect one’s safety. The personal history of Kami’s grandfather who was a pigeon fancier became a threat of inspiration from which Kami started looking at pigeons as relatives. As a species that carries hate, hang out together, stick together and make precarious but practical nests that won’t break but are fragile, the pigeon experience might have more to do with sex workers’ experience than foreseen.

It’s never going to fit

Romy Alizée
A vaginal text on the experience of being the center of attention, in the context of a pornographic photoshoot. The photographer is not the one expressing themselves here.
Photographer, performer, actress, director, and autodidact Romy Alizée didn’t attend art school but instead studied theater and gained experience through various other training programs. Originally exclusively modelling for male photographers, she quickly seized control of photography to tell a subjective story of lesbian emancipation, desire, and identity, centered around her own image and that of her community.

A Paid Love Story

Plunge me into this fire
Oh I beg of you
The one that by chance but definitely not by play
Reopened me to the pleasures of life
/ Pascal – 8:50 PM – May 26th, 2022

The Lament of the Aggressor


It’s the story of a monologue pretending to be a dialogue, of a clumsy attempt at redemption. It’s my story, but it’s also a universal story. I realized this by listening to other aggressors. They have reasons, mitigating circumstances. This is the lament of the aggressor.
Trigger warning : sexual assault.
L’Albatrice identifies as a politicized DominArtist. Among their accomplishments, they co-founded the association Erosticratie, the festival EroSphère, the SubSpace games, and the School of Sadistic Arts. (A performance by and with L’Albatrice / Directed by Joseph Ling / Sound arrangements by David Pomlait)

Deep (T)issues

Lise Facette & Béton Mouillé
Lise Facette is a circus artist and Béton Mouillé is a performer. Together, they present an excerpt from Deep (T)issues, a mirrored performance questioning the limits of the moving body, in pain as well as in poetry.

Le Bal des Putes

Malena, Tehamour and Lucy Kata

Three sluts get ready for the night and discuss the radical love they have for their bodies. Malena is about to have her first client. Lucy and Tehamour share their work stories while Malena counts the money she needs to continue affirming her gender.